ROCCAT Kone[+] Scroll Wheel glitch

In the last few months the scroll wheel has started to play up on my ROCCAT Kone[+].  When scrolling up or down the mouse sometimes scrolls in the opposite direction briefly before correcting itself and scrolling in the right direction. The problem got worse and worse until I seriously considered throwing it away. Essentially the scroll wheel stopped being usable.

Of the two “fixes”, one made things slightly better for literally about 5 minutes (blowing air into the gaps around the scroll wheel) and the other wasn’t something I wanted to try with a mouse this expensive (spraying WD40 into the scroll wheel). There are many videos on YouTube showing the glitch in action.

Thankfully ROCCAT listened to their customers and at the end of October 2011 released a new driver/firmware pack (Driver v1.49 / Firmware v1.45) that so far has fixed the problem:

The release notes are:
– Optimized scroll wheel behavior
– Minor bug fixes

It’s now March 2012 so I expect lots of people have found this fix already but I can confirm that the scroll wheel glitch is fixed.  My Kone[+] was experiencing the issue immediately before I upgraded.  Immediately after the upgrade I have been unable to reproduce the scroll glitch despite trying hard.

I would recommend this driver/firmware combo to everyone experiencing this issue.


UPDATE: This fixed the problem for about a week.  The scroll wheel is now as bad as before.  This has to be related to physical attributes of the wheel that the firmware adjusted the first time around (sensitivity to dust perhaps?).